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Shutford Summer Festival 2017

What a beautiful day! The sun was high in the sky, it was hot, like really hot, and we were doing cookery demonstrations throughout the day, followed by a kid’s workshop…..are we mad! The Caribbean themed festival opened at 1pm and we were first up. We started with a...

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Things we do in our kitchen

Here at the Supper Circle we believe that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the household, it certainly is our heart and soul, most events, menu creations and discussion take place in our kitchen, you’ll even find us dancing and singing in there too! Monday to...

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What is a pop up restaurant?

We often get asked, what is a pop up restaurant? Especially by our family and friends who have not experienced one before. So let us try to explain the concept if we may… Pop up restaurants originally started back in the 1960s, better known then as supper clubs or...

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