A Chefs Hat With Some Cooking UtencilsHere at the Supper Circle we believe that the kitchen is the heart and soul of the household, it certainly is our heart and soul, most events, menu creations and discussion take place in our kitchen, you’ll even find us dancing and singing in there too!

Monday to Thursday the kitchen is part of a family home, but on Supper Circle Friday! The kids are packed off to school, partners are kissed goodbye and have a good day dear! Then we have the Kitchen to ourselves! let the cooking and creating commence. Both of us enjoy nothing more than a day in the kitchen cooking, dancing, singing and drinking way too many cups of tea, it really is what we love most, it makes us both happy and we like to think that that comes through in our menus and the food we serve.

Menu planning takes place the week before an event, although we find this hard as the choice is beyond belief, it’s like being in a sweet shop for us, as said, we both love to cook and have loads of ideas that we want to share with you all. Both of us have worked in the food industry for many years, ideas are something that we are good at with lots of, ‘what if we take this add a bit of that or this’, it can last for hours if we are not careful. We take our inspiration from our days in the food industry, holidays we’ve had, the internet…and of course the cook books…don’t forget the cookbooks (we have 1 or 20 between us!) after all these guys know what they’re talking about.

So after a couple of hours of cogitating, deliberations and some tasters to see if our ideas work, the Menu is agreed, shopping is done and now for the fun bit, the creating. We wouldn’t say that we have a style of food, we just love good quality and tasty food ourselves, but the tastier the food all the better, right?

Chopping, slicing, dicing, frying and that’s just our breakfast! No seriously, we love cooking with the fresh, where possible local, seasonal ingredients that we source. The menu is put up on the wall and we work our way down the list, taking on a course at a time until everything is prepared, sometimes adding an additional twist here and there, Chef’s Prerogative! Once all the food preparation is completed, it is on to the transformation from family home to ‘Pop-up’ restaurant. The rooms are changed around, furniture is re-arranged, the dining table is moved out, the Supper Circle table is moved in, linen is pressed, glasses and cutlery are polished and the table is laid to create a relaxed and informal dining experience for our guests to enjoy an intimate and delicious dinner with us at the Supper Circle.

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